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    Welcome to the Sadegh Eghtesadi personal website

    I am proud of being an Iranian to contribute to the progress and development of our beloved homeland. I was born in Karaj (Iran, Alborz Province) and i studied Information Technology. I have started my work since 2004 with the launch of the Tomcat Internet Network™ and Now, through this network, i provide extensive information and communication technology to our fellow-citizens and associates.

    Sadegh Eghtesadi

    This is a website for your loved ones to know about activities, services and products and we have tried to provide useful information on the important subcategories of information and communication services of your loved ones.
    I would like to ask you to provide us with suggestions and criticisms to improve our content as well as to develop and improve our services and products.

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  • Latest Mades

    Tools and software, computer and mobile phone
    Softwares for personal and business benefits, including: Digital color fax system, Promotional e-mail system, Smart messaging softwares on social networking, Avast Antivirus with 5-year validity code and Hundreds of other software...

    Accounting software in shops or restaurants
    Types of accounting software for shops large and small companies with very easy uses, Special software is suitable for all the shops and businesses with calculate sales and profits, Restaurant software is very simple and user-friendly.

    Temperature Mapping and temp.damp control systems
    Intelligent system for temperature mapping of warehouses, medicine and food as well as server rooms, Greenhouses, Poultry, Material handling vehicles and Drug Administration With the ability to measure and standard deviation calculations based on international guidelines.

  • Our Services

    Internet & Network

    Internet services rendering, LAN or WAN network designing, network services and require applications.


    Application, Mobile, Web, Network and Security programming or modern website designing with professional languages.

    SMS Service

    Administer any SMS service with using GSM modem or without it, InterSMS services and automation answering.

    Security Cameras

    IP Cameras and CCTV offers professional grade video surveillance (DVR,NVR) and remote security systems.

  • Products

    Tomcat Network

    Design: HTML5, CSS3
    Coding: ASP.Net 4.5
    Display: Responsive
    Used new technology of jQuery, LinQ

    Fanavaran Group

    Design: HTML5, CSS3
    Coding: ASP.Net C#
    Display: Responsive
    Menu slider using jQuery and WOW.JS

    Siter Site

    Design: HTML5, CSS3
    Coding: ASP.Net 4
    Display: Responsive
    Best pictures gallery with jQuery

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